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Featured Work
Aly Bellicosii
Open Format DJ


Phone: (734) 664-0756

I have always had a love for music. Having been introduced into the world at the age of 7, I began my fascination with music as a Cellist. As I got older I experimented with other instruments and collaborated with other artists. I have always enjoyed blending elements from various genres, so when I was introduced to the DJ world it was a natural fit. 

I began my journey at 15, experimenting with mixing, I fell in and out of practicing. It was not until I dropped out of collage and started involving myself with the underground music scene in Detroit that I decided to really chase my passion. On a whim I decided to move to Florida with a dream and a heart full of determination. I got my start working under a mentor and I began covering nights at a local LGBTQ club. My love for DJ mixing has only grown since.

My sets are best known for their creative range of genres, and explosive energetic style. I have played everything from lounges and cocktail bars to night clubs and festival pre-parties. I do private and corporate events, as well as fashion shows. I am grateful to be able to share my craft, and dance the night away with every type of crowd. I hope to use music to bring people together and inspire others to find what they love in life. I believe we are the most true version of ourselves when we are chasing our dreams and passions. I stand by the saying: "When you love what you do it never feels like work".

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